Every TEDx event relies on sponsorship, good will and volunteers. Maybe this is the year for you to get involved and partner with us… let’s talk and get you involved!

The team at TEDx Dun Laoghaire has put on a world class event, including Youth Speakers from the start in 2018 as a separate session and for the few years, TEDxYouth@DunLaoghaire has had it’s own licence. So two events, two different audience, twice the number of talks, twice the need and opportunity for sponsors and volunteers.
What we always need are more altruistic sponsors!

Throughout the world, more business owners and larger organisations are getting involved, recognising the need to locally support ‘not for profit platforms like TEDx. The ‘x’ simply means a local, independently organised volunteer led event under licence from TED where speakers talk about something important to them and carry a universal core message too.

To find out how you can get involved as a TEDxDunLaoghaire Partner, click here to connect directly with our founder Janie Lazar. Before you do, you might like to see a little back history.

#TEDxDL22 TEDx Dun Laoghaire takes the stage and the magic is back. To a limited audience in one of the most intimate local theatres around, TEDxYouth@DunLaoghaire  in the morning and TEDxDunLaoghaire by night.  DLR The Studio hosting us once again.

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